Sunday, January 25, 2015


Hikers:  Kim & Amy
Weather:  Windy with fast moving clouds and in and out sun.
Amy's Notes:  A great loop around the frozen lake with ups and downs and groves of trees to keep things interesting.  We initially started out on top but the wind threatened to blow us off the mountain, so we opted to stay in the trees.  Will be doing this one again.  For more info on Mammoth Lake:

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Amy at the beginning of Skyline Drive- Fairview Canyon- Part of the Great Western Trail. 

Kim on top of a huge cornice (hard to see).
HIKERS: Kim, Amy
WEATHER: 40's (in January!). Beautiful and sunny!
KIM'S NOTES: Our first time snowshoeing. It was a great trek. We hiked for over an hour and a half over half frozen, half powder snow. It was a great workout with a great view. We will definitely do it again.

Friday, January 16, 2015


At the entrance to Box Canyon
One of the icefalls.
My car took a photo of us.
HIKERS: Kim, Sam, Sanjay
WEATHER: Sunny and warm (around 33˚). Too warm for January.
KIM'S NOTES: Sam had a friend from Florida come visit. It was his first time to Utah and his first time even seeing snow. It was a fun, quick hike and all would have been well if I hadn't gotten the car stuck. Cory, grudgingly, came to pull us out. Live and learn.


Amy with HopE and Juta.

The sun on the hill above us.
HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Juta, HopE, Mike
WEATHER: 20's, foggy with the sun trying to peak through
KIM'S NOTES: It was chillier than it's been. The snow was frozen into ice in the tire tracks and made for slippery hiking. Amy put on her ice cleats on the way home. Kim toughed it out (and thankfully didn't slip).

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hikers: Kim Amy Juta HopE Mike
Weather: 30˚F
Start time: 8:00 am
EZ PZ rock: ?
Cement structure: ?
Finish: 9:40 am?
AMY'S NOTES: Beautiful new snow and more snow while walking.  The lion hunter provided good tracks and all is well.  

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Kim sports her knee sock fashion. 
HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Juta, HopE, Mike
WEATHER: upper 30's, partly cloudy
KIM'S NOTES: So tired. Not feeling well this day, thus the easy trail. Great to get out though and wonderful for a sinus infection to breathe in the clean, crisp, cold air.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


HopE, Kim, Amy's hiking boots.
Juta was there too!
Even Mike came this time!
Hikers: Kim,, Amy, Juta, HopE, Mike
Weather: 27˚F
Start time: 8:35 am
EZ PZ rock: 9:04 am
Cement structure: 9:19 am
Finish: 9:49 am?
KIM'S NOTES: Today the snow was frozen solid and icy. Just a little danger involved. Much more tired today.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Amy and Kim- fulfilling our goal!
New Year's resolutions!

HopE, always out in front.
Hikers: Kim, Amy, Juta, HopE
Weather: 27˚ F
Time: 8:40 am- 9:50am approx.

Kim's NOTES: Everything felt great! The snow was nice and soft and it was wonderful to be outside!