Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bald Mountain


Hike: Bald Mountain
Location: Ephraim, UT
Hikers: Kim, Amy, Isa
Day: July 31, Thurs.
Begin: 7:07 am; 5900 ft.
Summit: Rocky Bend- 58 min.; 7240 ft.
RT Time: 1 hour 39 min
Weather: Beautiful, sunny; 58 degrees to start

Notes: Amy found her GPS so we now know the elevations, which is exciting. The screen is 6650 ft. in elevation. We also hit the shade tree at 36 min. Kim was lagging today with a sore throat coming on, thus the longer time. Amy was kind and rested with her and provided water.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


HIKE: The Flume
HIKERS: Amy, Kim, Isa the dog
DAY: Wed, July 30
BEGIN: 7:07 am
SUMMIT: 7:39 am, Shady Bend View (32 min)
RT TIME: 54 min
WEATHER: 56 F at the start, sunny skies

NOTES: Today was a fairly mellow day for everyone. Recovering from sick kids, sick bodies, and too much insomnia. However the Flume is a lovely meandering uphill hike with plenty of shade, rolling hills and peak-a-boo views. A nice change from the grind of Bald Mountain.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bald Mountain

HIKE: Bald Mountain
HIKERS: Amy, Kim, Jamie
DAY: Fri, Jul 25
BEGIN: 7:09 am
SUMMIT: 8:03 am, Rocky Bend
RT TIME: 1 hr 31 min
WEATHER: 64 F - 71 F, sunny skies

Movie Screen: 25 min, Shade Tree: 32 min, 2.1 mile view: 46 min, Rocky Bend 51 min

We took a short break at the shade tree for water which accounts for the discrepancy between the summit time and the rocky bend time. (I stopped my timer). Once again a beautiful summer morning in Ephraim. This is the furthest we've gone on this trail.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bald Mountain

HIKE: Bald Mountain
HIKERS: Amy, Kim, Jamie, and Isa the dog
DAY: Wed, Jul 23
BEGIN: 7:10 am
SUMMIT: 7:45 am
RT TIME: 60 min
WEATHER: 65 F - 79 F

NOTES: Hiked to the Shade Tree then headed back early. Isa came along as usual. Kim clocked the trip to last fridays viewpoint - 2.1 miles. The true summit of Bald Mountain is 4.6 miles.

Friday, July 18, 2008


Bald Mountain

HIKE: Bald Mountain
HIKERS: (photo) Jamie, Kim, Amy
DAY: Friday
BEGIN: 7:06 am
SUMMIT: 7:55 am
END: 8:34 am
WEATHER: a beautiful, sunny day (see photo)
MEMO: Today was a long hike. We went 20-30 minutes longer than we normally do on this route. It is always a grueling, leg-burner the first mile to the screen, but after that it gradually evens out and you don't have as many of the steep climbs. We enjoyed the new view our higher altitude gave us.
GOAL: To reach the top of Bald Mountain by the end of the summer. We aren't really sure how close we are to the top, so we need to go scout that out this weekend (in a truck).