Monday, September 28, 2009


The trail forks at this lake.

Justin coming up through the gap.

Dave working his way along the ridge.

Dave, Amy & Justin on the summit!

Manly men.

Before sunrise at the spot where we turned around the first time.

HIKERS: Amy, Dave, Justin
START TIME: 6:15 am
RT TIME: 9.5 hours
SUMMIT TIME: 5 hours
TRAILHEAD: Broadsfork TH, Big Cottonwood Canyon
WEATHER: Sunny, clear

AMY'S NOTES: Third time is the charm. We finally made it and with the core group we started with - the stalwarts. The weather was beautiful and I was in the company of two really great guys. A cold front and storm moved in on the Wednesday afterwards and the mountains have been covered in snow since. And strangely, I actually love that it took us 3 attempts to summit - it became the epic of the summer. With every attempt the jokes became funnier and the adventure more grand. This time we took the left fork at the lake and were able to follow a well traveled trail into the next colouir where the trail peters out and you need to pick your way up the scree and talus slope. It's at this point that you can see one of the twin peaks in the foreground. On this last section, after splitting up and trying different routes, we found it easiest to stay left and aim for the gap (or slot) along the ridge. We then picked our way along the ridge to the summit. This seemed a better route than taking the "trail" that snakes along the base of the ridge. We spent about 45 minutes on the summit enjoying the views of Little Cottonwood, Big Cottonwood, Timpanogos, Nebo, Alta, Snowbird, Red Pine, White Pine, Salt Lake Valley, and Mt Olympus - the mountain that started it all. Ended the day in tradition with a big meal at Porcupines. Loved this climb.

"Broads Fork Twin Peaks, more frequently referred to simply as "Twin Peaks", is the highest and most prominent mountain on the eastern skyline behind Salt Lake Valley. With an elevation of 11,330 feet (east summit) and 11,328 feet (west summit), the Twins rise nearly 7,000 vertical feet above the valley floor. The most commonly used ascent route is via Broads Fork, a class 3 climb of 5,100+ vertical feet with some scrambling and exposure. The center of the Twin Peaks Wilderness Area, the peaks here are some of the most rugged to be found in the Wasatch."


KAYAKERS: Amy, Brooklyn
FLOW: 510 FT
RUN TIME: 1 hour approx.
PUT IN: Henefer, Weber River access turnoff
TAKE OUT: Taggarts

AMY'S NOTES: After hearing about the Mighty Weber for what seems like eons, I finally got to run it. It's a great narrow river that winds it's way through Ogden canyon. Stretches of calm interspersed with rock gardens, eddies that swirl in all directions, a very good surf wave, one really fun drop, and steel bridges that crisscross the river in multiple places. I took the bandit and Brook was in a hard shell. A beautiful warm Saturday afternoon with hits of fall foliage and very few people on the river.

Monday, September 14, 2009


WEATHER: Storms, rain, wind & cold

AMY'S NOTES: The second trip to Albion Basin this summer though a completely different landscape this time because of the weather and turning colors of the vegetation. Storm clouds, rain, a lot of wind, and a beautiful sunset. A short hike to Cecret Lake and then we carefully picked our way up and then down the ridge that is closest to the Germania lift. Despite my careful steps I managed to get scratched up (see pic). No week would be complete without a few good war wounds. A really beautiful time to be up Little Cottonwood Canyon. I believe summer is over and fall has arrived.


WEATHER: Sunny summer day

AMY'S NOTES: A five hour bike tour of Park City backwood nostalgia hosted by a native. Copper kettle brewing, the Alamo, the historic Glenwood cemetery, Daly Canyon, Main St., abandoned mines, explosive vaults, Miss America 1950, long winding trails through grassy mountain meadows, and much more.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


HIKERS: Amy, Dave, Justin, Terry, Andrew, Lucy
DATE: Sat, 9/5
WEATHER: 50 F at start, rain, overcast
RT TIME: 6 hours approx

AMY'S NOTES: Unbelievable. Thwarted again! Headed up the trail at 6 am at a fast pace making very good time. Rather than going to the left of the lake we took the trail to the right of the lake. (Note to self, take the left...) Lost the trail. Picked our way up a very steep scree and talus slope to the ridge. Almost taken out by a few 40 mile an hour boulders passing within 6 feet of me. All very exciting. Ran out of time, the bad weather moved in, and a recent knee injury/surgery began haunting one of the party. I believe the saying is third time's the charm.