Tuesday, June 28, 2011


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Jamie, Hope, Uta
WEATHER: 60˚ & sunny!
NOTES: Felt really good today. Amy remembered the bug spray, so we were in good shape. We just hiked our little hearts out and enjoyed the sunshine.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


HIKERS: Jamie, Kristi, Amy, Kim
WEATHER: nice and sunny, warm
NOTES: This is the first time we've done the Backbone this year. It was in great shape and we had a good hike. The sun was wonderful on our faces. We have missed it. One thing about a great water year, however, is all the bugs. We came home with quite a few new bites.

Saturday, June 11, 2011


RAFTERS: Kim & Cory, Amy & Brook, Sandra & Danny, Brook & Jason, Tim & Ashley
WEATHER: warm, sunny, clear, 85˚ F
TAKE OUT: Hidden Splendor Mine
TIME: 5.5 hours with a few stops
HWY GAGE: 2.3 (this run), 1.6 (last run)
DIRECTIONS: Exit 131. There are 2 major signs at forks in the road - head towards the seep and mckay flats. Red Canyon road is to be avoided due to length and condition.
DISTANCE: 15 miles (according to other sites)
AMY'S NOTES: The great and mighty Muddy Creek, a formidable torrent of switches and boils and drops deep enough to write home about! Well, OK, maybe not so mighty. But certainly a fantastic ride and worthy of blogging about. A very narrow slot called the Chute - 8 or so feet wide at it's skinniest with log jams 20 feet above crammed in the rock. It starts as a banal looking canal and slowly narrows into the chute with red rock walls towering up either side 200 feet into the blue sky above. I did this run last week with V. and friends and it was a VERY boney run. However the levels this weekend were perfect and the water swift. Note to self: Always bring a patch kit.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Jamie, Hope & Juta
WEATHER: warm, sunny, clear, 60˚ F
KIM'S NOTES: I didn't feel great today until I got to the top (of course;). Allergy season is truly upon us. Jamie kicked butt and so did Amy. With all the injuries she's had lately, she did terrific. We are so glad to all be back together!!
'Thumbs down' on the new billboard at the base of Bald Mountain.

This is Jamie as she left us in the dust. Energizer Bunny Award winner- again. (Amy and I have yet to receive this esteemed award).

We set up the self-timer to take a photo and Hope had to come sniff the camera. So you get a close-up of her hind leg and us laughing in the background.