Thursday, June 9, 2011


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Jamie, Hope & Juta
WEATHER: warm, sunny, clear, 60˚ F
KIM'S NOTES: I didn't feel great today until I got to the top (of course;). Allergy season is truly upon us. Jamie kicked butt and so did Amy. With all the injuries she's had lately, she did terrific. We are so glad to all be back together!!
'Thumbs down' on the new billboard at the base of Bald Mountain.

This is Jamie as she left us in the dust. Energizer Bunny Award winner- again. (Amy and I have yet to receive this esteemed award).

We set up the self-timer to take a photo and Hope had to come sniff the camera. So you get a close-up of her hind leg and us laughing in the background.

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Amy said...

i think perhaps a bunny costume might be in order one of these days. and yes it's great to be out again! i think the dog leg photo might be one of my favorites.