Saturday, June 11, 2011


RAFTERS: Kim & Cory, Amy & Brook, Sandra & Danny, Brook & Jason, Tim & Ashley
WEATHER: warm, sunny, clear, 85˚ F
TAKE OUT: Hidden Splendor Mine
TIME: 5.5 hours with a few stops
HWY GAGE: 2.3 (this run), 1.6 (last run)
DIRECTIONS: Exit 131. There are 2 major signs at forks in the road - head towards the seep and mckay flats. Red Canyon road is to be avoided due to length and condition.
DISTANCE: 15 miles (according to other sites)
AMY'S NOTES: The great and mighty Muddy Creek, a formidable torrent of switches and boils and drops deep enough to write home about! Well, OK, maybe not so mighty. But certainly a fantastic ride and worthy of blogging about. A very narrow slot called the Chute - 8 or so feet wide at it's skinniest with log jams 20 feet above crammed in the rock. It starts as a banal looking canal and slowly narrows into the chute with red rock walls towering up either side 200 feet into the blue sky above. I did this run last week with V. and friends and it was a VERY boney run. However the levels this weekend were perfect and the water swift. Note to self: Always bring a patch kit.

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