Thursday, September 10, 2009


HIKERS: Amy, Dave, Justin, Terry, Andrew, Lucy
DATE: Sat, 9/5
WEATHER: 50 F at start, rain, overcast
RT TIME: 6 hours approx

AMY'S NOTES: Unbelievable. Thwarted again! Headed up the trail at 6 am at a fast pace making very good time. Rather than going to the left of the lake we took the trail to the right of the lake. (Note to self, take the left...) Lost the trail. Picked our way up a very steep scree and talus slope to the ridge. Almost taken out by a few 40 mile an hour boulders passing within 6 feet of me. All very exciting. Ran out of time, the bad weather moved in, and a recent knee injury/surgery began haunting one of the party. I believe the saying is third time's the charm.

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