Friday, July 18, 2008

Bald Mountain

HIKE: Bald Mountain
HIKERS: (photo) Jamie, Kim, Amy
DAY: Friday
BEGIN: 7:06 am
SUMMIT: 7:55 am
END: 8:34 am
WEATHER: a beautiful, sunny day (see photo)
MEMO: Today was a long hike. We went 20-30 minutes longer than we normally do on this route. It is always a grueling, leg-burner the first mile to the screen, but after that it gradually evens out and you don't have as many of the steep climbs. We enjoyed the new view our higher altitude gave us.
GOAL: To reach the top of Bald Mountain by the end of the summer. We aren't really sure how close we are to the top, so we need to go scout that out this weekend (in a truck).

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