Monday, October 27, 2008


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Hikers: Amy, Kim, Cory, Durke, Sam, Joni, Casey, Dane, Drew, Christian
RT Length: approx. 7 miles
RT Time: 10:15 am- 3:30 pm; 5 hours 15 min.

Kim's Notes: This was a hike with surprises galore! I saw beauty I'd never seen before and smelt things I'd never want to smell ever again. We hiked, climbed, rappelled, jumped, hopped, braced, waded, and swam. Talk about versatility! This hike has everything. It starts out as a hike through cedar and brush and turns into a slot canyon surprisingly quickly. We had a great time in Baptist Draw experiencing the fabulous scenery. The first rappel wasn't too long, but it was a tight space. Christian was afraid- it was his first rappel- but he did great! Then we hiked to the second rappel. It was quite a drop- approximately 75 ft. The slot canyons were very chilly and we were glad to get down into the sun after the rappel. As we headed back up Chute canyon, however, there was a long stretch of frigid, smelly, swamp water waiting for us. It was chest-deep for the adults and Dane and Drew had to swim through it! (Durke was kind and hauled Christian through on his back). The rest of Chute canyon is a blur, unfortunately, because we had to hurry to keep warm. We need to go back and just do Chute canyon so that we can appreciate it better. It was even more amazing than Baptist Draw and I feel like I missed it. When we got out into the sun we still had about 2 miles to hike back to the truck, which was a good thing because we were dry by the time we got there. Overall, it was a great hike and more adventurous than any I have done before.

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