Sunday, January 25, 2009


AMY'S NOTES: Taylor's Flat is located on the south side of Ephraim Canyon road a short way beyond the turn off to New Canyon. Several trails and atv roads lead up from the Flat. What began as a plan to summit Bald Mt on Saturday evolved into a quick jaunt up the start of the Backbone (which I'm excited to see more of). The continual rain over the last several days has converted our snow into melted rivers of water, deep slush, and trecherous mud. Everything is pretty sloppy. We were still able to catch the setting sun over the valley and watch the clouds throw patterns on the foothills. As I write this now in the warmth and shelter of inside, the house is getting pounded by hail. Kim and I talked about big plans and big hikes for the spring and summer and decided a conversation with Virgil is due. Stay tuned.

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