Sunday, August 9, 2009


HIKE: North Route to Mt. Nebo's highest peak
HIKERS: Amy, Dave, Matt
START: 8,100 ft., 8:40 am
SUMMIT: 11,928 ft., 3 hours 18 min
ELEV. GAIN: 3,828 ft.
RT TIME: 6 hours
RT DISTANCE: 8.84 miles
WEATHER: 45 F at start, mix of sun & overcast, cool

AMY'S NOTES: Nebo is still one of my favorites. This was a first summit for Dave and Matt. A cold front moved in over northern Utah this weekend and the weather could not have been more perfect for a Nebo summit in August. Temperatures were in the 50's at midday and when we reached the summit alone we watched our breath while clouds rolled in over us. A short stay on top (approx 10 min) and we headed down. There was some concern about thunderstorms. We spent a total of about 30 min sitting around - so you could shave about 30 min off the hike if you were in a hurry. A great way to spend a saturday.

TRAIL: Start at the Monument trailhead off of the Nebo Scenic Loop Rd and follow the dirt road to the right from the parking lot. The trail begins at the end of the road, follow the fence line up onto the Nebo Bench Trail. The trail is very clear until you are close to the summit at which point just pick your way along the ridge line through the shale.

For photos of last year's hike to nebo see:

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kimg said...

Very fun! It was quite a messy weekend for outdoor activities. You are awesome to brave it! Was the view okay? Or too many clouds?