Friday, October 16, 2009


HIKERS: Cory, Kim, Phoebe
TRAIL: view point, slot canyon, and pipe dream

NOTES: Maple canyon is our oasis in the desert. Who would ever guess that a fern could grow in the wild in our climate, but it is true and we saw them today. I have hiked this trail before, but we took the 'road less traveled' a couple of times and were greatly rewarded by amazing scenery. The colors are so gorgeous right now I was mentally kicking myself the whole time that I didn't have my camera. We also found a huge cavern called 'pipe dreams' that has bolts all over the ceiling for climbers. I am so disappointed there weren't any climbers on one of the routes. It would be an amazing thing to see. They would have to be defying gravity! All in all- perfect weather, perfect scenery and perfect trails. After Phoebe quit bawling the company wasn't too bad either. : )

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