Thursday, April 15, 2010


AMY'S NOTES: Let the games begin! I'm excited silly about this. I've decided to do an Ironman Triathlon, newbie style. I have 2 weeks to complete all the mileage. A local woman participated in a similar event while living elsewhere and has decided to get it started in our rural outpost of a town. Interestingly, we have a strange abundance of very athletic outdoor minded people in these parts. (One of the things I love about this place.) Despite my prodding, cajoling, and general harassment, I couldn't convince Kim to do it with me. She did, however, agree to do a handful of the legs with me. Yeah Kim! (Why is everyone not as excited about this as I am?) Tomorrow we will do 9.2 miles up Bald. I am worried about the torn acl and IT band but plan to go slow and put in the time rather than focus on speed. This will be the first significant physical effort since last fall. I think it's just what my body and soul needs, injuries included. The loose plan is to break up the mileage by day and hike rather than run to save the knee. I also plan to swim at Palisade rather than the pool because I can't stand chlorine. I have the least experience with biking, and in anticipation of a sore saddle bought a new ergonomic squishy bike seat and gel filled bike shorts, which I've always laughed at in the past. :-) I'll be using the bike I've had since college and my kayak helmet as a bike helmet. Not exactly high tech, but it will work. This is the newbie version of a tri after all.

Swim 2 legs (1.25 miles ea) @ Palisade
Hike 3 legs (9 miles ea)
Bike 8 legs (14 miles ea)

Swim 2.5
Run 26.2
Bike 112

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