Tuesday, July 27, 2010


RIVER RUNNERS: Amy, Kristi & Kim
WEATHER: 80, partly cloudy
BIKING TIME: 55 min.
RIVER TIME: 1 hour, 10 min.
KIM'S NOTES: I had such a great time on Saturday I wanted to do it again, so Amy and I packed up Kristi and off we went. We had a nice ride up the canyon (the temps were still in the 70's for the ride) and then we all had a clean run down the river (no one swam). The water was a bit lower than Saturday. I think they are shutting it down while all the farmers cut their hay.
Lunch at the Big Rock Cafe at the BIG ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN was a great way to end our trip. (What is it about water sports that make you starving?) All, in all, a perfect girls day out!

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Amy said...

I had so much fun on this run! Thank you Kim for leading the way. Let's do it again.