Saturday, September 18, 2010


HIKERS: Kim, Jamie, and miscellaneous friends and Young Women
WEATHER: up to 90 f, clear and sunny
KIM'S NOTES: I went back to Baptist Draw and took some Young Women from my church and some of their leaders (14 of us all together). We had postponed this hike 3 times before because of bad weather (rain and slot canyons are NOT a good mix). We were so happy we were finally able to do it.
Here I am with Jamie and a friend (Juli) waiting our turn to do the first rappel (15 ft).

Here is Jamie doing the second rappel (80 ft).

This is the 'hall of horrors' we literally had to swim through, it was so deep. It goes clear back under the rock and way around the corner. However, I did keep my pack over my head, thus keeping my camera dry. I know, I am truly talented.

Jamie, Kristi and I trying to clean off our feet after swimming the big hole. It was silly to do, because just around the corner there was more mud and water, and just around that corner, and just around that corner... you get the picture...

This is such a beautiful place! Despite the muck, smell and chill, I can't help but want to go back. You just don't see places like this every day.

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