Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Hike: Skyline Drive, Fairview to Ephraim
Date: Saturday, Sept 5 2008
Location: Fairview, UT
Hikers & Bikers: Amy, Zina, English, Kelly, Carolyn & Ash
Begin: 10:00 am
End: 12:30 am
Distance: 11 miles
Weather: Beautiful & clear, low 60's
Elevations: about 10,000 ft

Notes: Amazing views of Sanpete Valley, Horshoe Mountain, and all kinds of flora and fauna (including hunters). This was organized by English and Kelly Brooks and was originally planned as a 30 mile stretch along Skyline Drive beginning at the top of Fairview Canyon and ending at the top of Ephraim Canyon. We did about one third of the stretch - English was violently ill trailside. See the above pix, he looks pretty miserable. However, despite English's misery, the rest of us had a great time. Zina and I rode our bikes, English ran, and Kelly, Carolyn, and Ash were the driver support team. There were a a couple spots where I walked the bike up a hill - it was faster than riding - and I did manage one crash while enjoying the view rather than watching the ruts and rocks. A note about electricity, there is a spot where the road goes under major power lines, I thought I was being stung by bees but realized after a few moments that I was getting shocked by the metal on my bike due to the electric static in the air. Excited to do the full 30 miles next fall. And for the record, English returned the following weekend and ran the full 30 miles at 10000 feet. Amazing.

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