Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Notes: This is always a beautiful hike. It is only 2.4 miles round trip, but it does gain over 1,000 ft. in elevation. We took it easy and just had a good time. Even Phoebe who is only 5 did the hike without too much fuss. The view at the end is a great reward and it takes away any discomfort the hike may have caused.
Hanging Lake rest area can only be accessed from the East bound lanes of I-70 in Glenwood Canyon. If you're coming from the west you must pass hanging lake, turn around at Grizzly Creek and head back east on I-70 to the Hanging Lake exit. The Hanging Lake exit is nearly 10 miles East of Glenwood springs. After taking the exit for Hanging Lake simply follow the road into the parking area. This area can be crowded during the summer, so you may have to park a ways away. (And don't park on the on-ramp if it is crowded, you'll get a ticket!)


Amy said...

great pictures! can you list some general info about the trailhead/location? one day i will find myself in colorado wanting to revisit hanging lake and won't remember how i got there.

kimg said...

Amy, How's that? Copy and paste is a wonderful thing!