Monday, August 25, 2008


Hike: Petey Bishop's
Location: Ephraim, UT
Hikers: Amy, Jamie
Begin: 6:56 am
End: 8:36 am
Summit: 7:56 am, 7800 ft.
RT Time: 1 hour 40 min
Camper: 22 min
Fork: 29 min
Flood Zone: 39 min
Weather: clear, 69 F at the end
Elevations: ?' - 7800'

Notes: Jamie and I started at the base of Petey Bishop's where the small creek crosses the trail. With school starting everyone is much shorter on time. We had no intention of making the summit this morning but every bend and every hill crest looked as though we might almost be there. So we continued. It was a "just till the next bend..." kind of morning. After the flood zone the trail becomes very steep and the footing is loose all the way to the summit. It felt great to get to the top so unexpectedly and fast - one hour exactly. I must say, I think we're in pretty good shape. We saw several deer along the way and a man. Human encounters are rare. However, despite our good cardio shape none of us have dropped very much weight - so we've all committed to losing 5 pounds by October 1. Now it's in writing. Glad to be alive and healthy living in such a beautiful place.

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kimg said...

I love the summit photo. I am VERY impressed! Where was I?