Monday, August 18, 2008


Hikers: Kim, Amy, Jamie
Begin: 6:15 am
Elevation: 5900'
Rocky Bend: 53 min.
Summit: 1 hour 53 min.
Elevation: 8464'
End time: 9:50 am
RT Time: 3 hours 35 min.
RT Mileage: 9.2 miles
Weather: 51F to start, 71 F to end. Cool, but sunny and clear.

Notes: WE DID IT!!! Our goal of the summer was reached. We were very proud of ourselves (and still are). We really kept our pace going and reached the Rocky Bend in record time with no stops until then. This was almost the half-way point and we were still going strong. The trail stayed moderate until the last 15- 20 min. We were thrilled to see the top and broke out the camera, granola bars and water right away. We had pictured a nice relaxing breakfast on the mountain, but the swarm of bees had a different idea. Wherever we went they went too. In the end, we just decided to let them have their hill and went back down. At the bottom, tired, sore and faint from hunger (but still happy we had accomplished our goal), we decided to go out to breakfast and were able to do justice to our large meals. It was very satisfying. *sigh of contentment* Now, if we can just make it to Mt. Nebo....

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