Friday, August 15, 2008


Hike: Petey Bishop's
Location: Ephraim, UT
Hikers: Kim, Amy, Jamie, Isa the dog
Day: Friday, Aug 15
Begin: 7:09 am
End: 8:43 am
RT Time: 1 hour 34 min
Summit: Flood Zone, 7:59 am, 7175 ft.
Weather: 53 F, clear and cool
Elevations: 5935' - 7175'

Notes: Petey Bishop's Round II. We reached the Fork in the Road (our summit on wed) at 7:50 am. An improvement of several minutes from Wednesday. I think 6 minutes...? Mornings are getting cooler and darker. Signs of summer sadly on it's way out. Early monday morning is our first and last attempt, for the season at least, to actually summit Bald Mountain. Though we have hiked it a couple dozen times we have yet to make to the top. Time is always the issue. This morning was a leg burner for everyone.

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