Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Location: Crystal Lakes TH - Lakes Country Trail
Hikers: Amy, Daniel
Day: Friday, 1 Aug - Sunday, 3 Aug, 2008
Rt time: 2.5 days
Weather: 70's in the day, high 30's at night, breezy and sunny
Elevations: 10,750
Pace: 1 mi/hr uphill, 1.5 mi/hr downhill (approx)
Distance: 8 miles RT
Notes: Why have I not visited the Uinats sooner? A pine speckled pale rock landscape with basins full of water. Lots of water. Weir Lake, Pot Lake, Duck Lake, Island Lake, Long Lake, and lots of many little unnamed lakes inbetween. Temperatures were perfect. Backpacking at midday in full sun was actually a pleasure. We started on Friday afternoon, and camped at Duck Lake, 3 miles from the trailhead (mostly downhill), then headed up to Island Lake the next morning (1 mile). On Sunday we packed out via Long Lake (3 miles) completing the loop. Wildflowers were out in abundance, particularly above 10,000 ft, and we spent some time learning plants and chasing an elusive woodpecker. Unfortunatley, the weather was too good and I didn't get to try out my new big agnes tent in windy and stormy weather. Of the listed lakes, Long and Island were the highlights.


kimg said...

Wow, post more photos!

lespygirl said...

this is one of my faves