Saturday, February 28, 2009


HIKERS: Amy and Kim
LOCATION: Snow Canyon, St. George
TIME: approx. 1 hour
KIM'S NOTES: Snow Canyon is a beautiful place! Amy shared lots of memories of visiting here as she was growing up and was amazed at all the changes and growth of the area. This was my first time in Snow Canyon. It was actually a short hike, but a steep one. The colors were beautiful- like they always are in Southern Utah- starting out with a mixture of black volcanic rock with red sand and turning gradually into white petrified dunes. The trail leads to a natural amphitheater and then we climbed up to the top-most peak. It involved quite a bit of scrambling, which was a good workout. The white rock looked like elephant skin magnified a thousand times and so we named the peak "The Wart" or "The Mini Nipple." We found a less treacherous way down, so the descent wasn't as perilous as it could have been. All in all, a short but sweet hike and very picturesque.

Amy viewing a small slot canyon on the way up.

Kim, before climbing the wart.
Amy and Kim on top of the wart with Snow Canyon in the background.

Kim and Amy with the wart in the background.


Kristi Stevens said...

You two are so cute! Keep it up, McKinley is waiting.

Amy said...

hey kim, mckinley next summer? you in?

kimg said...