Thursday, April 30, 2009


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Isa the dog
SUMMIT TIME: 40 min, base of screen
RT TIME: 60 min.
WEATHER: 42-55 f, sunny

KIM'S NOTES: This was a new hike for us. We started at the bottom of Bald Mountain, but took a different ridge up. There were quite a few challenging places- long grinds that reminded us of climbing Nebo, steep ravines, places where we were following elk and deer trails and blazing our own as well. Over all, a definite keeper!

AMY'S NOTES: Loved this! Parked at the base of Bald but took the left atv trail. At the top of the first rise go right and follow the ridge up (no trail). There is a steep gully/ravine between the ridge you are on and the next over which is home to the screen. We followed the ridge south east and eventually traversed the gully coming out on the flat just north of the screen.

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