Wednesday, April 29, 2009


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Isa the dog
SUMMIT: 32 min
RT TIME: 60 min

AMY'S NOTES: A quick hike up and back to the concrete slab (don't know the technical name for this) in the creek. We took the traditional upper route of New Canyon today. The sun joins us earlier and earlier every morning. It is an absolute pleasure to feel the sun on my back and watch the long shadows of walking figures in front of me.

The image is of Lei Wang training for 7 summits and 2 poles. I think Kim and I could knock those off the list no problem. Must find some tires first... anyone willing to donate? For more info on Lei goto her blog:

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kimg said...

Holy Cow! What a woman! I'm sure Cory can rig some harnesses for us. Let's do it!