Tuesday, April 21, 2009


HIKERS: Kim, Amy, Isa
TIME: 25 minutes up to Lone Pine Hill summit
RT TIME: 54 minutes.
WEATHER: Clear, sunny, beautiful (approx. 38 f)
PHOTO CREDIT: to Amy. (The only person I know that could make 2 rocks on a gravel road look aesthetically pleasing!)

KIM'S NOTES: This hike used to kick our butts, but not anymore. We came, we hiked, we conquered. This is the first morning we started lifting 'weights.' Our trips to the bottom occasionally feel a bit too easy, so we grabbed some rocks and started lifting. It was actually a great upper body work out, and up our canyons there are plenty of 'weights' around. I personally hope to be sore tomorrow.

Kim at the top of Lone Pine Hill.

Amy and Isa with Lone Pine.


Amy said...

oops. didn't realize i exported those images at such a low quality...

kimg said...

That's okay. We get the idea. The rocks look great, by the way... I mean, the weights...

Amy said...

i put up new images... my photo eyes couldn't handle it. ;)