Friday, May 8, 2009


HIKERS: Becky!, Amy, Jamie, Kim, Isa the dog
TIMES: Jamie- 22.5 min, Amy- 23 min, Kim- 24 min.
RT TIME: 44 min.
WEATHER: 41 f, sunny
AMY'S PACK: 10 lbs.

KIM'S NOTES: Just a quicky this morning. This was Becky's first trek with us, so we want to welcome her. I was "suckin' air" again (as Jamie would say), but Jamie, again, kicked a - - . We decided she needs to have a handicap on Monday- probably 20 lbs. would do it. These are actually our fastest times to the screen we've done, so we are lookin' good!

1 comment:

Amy said...

i think about 20 should do it. no, maybe 25 is better.