Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Waterpocket Fold

DATE: 5/22-5/25
HIKERS: Amy, Lin, Tim, Anne, Alexia, Anna, Penelope, Sophia, Christopher
LOCATION: Escalante Grand Staircase Monument, Waterpocket Fold
WEATHER: Rain and more rain

AMY'S NOTES: An amazing desert weekend in the rain: waterfalls, ponds, mating frogs, ribbons of water flowing down the seams of mountains splitting apart, black boulders in what seem to be impossible places, thunderheads, virga, a few hours spent bathing on a rock in the passing sun... Camped the first night near Dear Creek Campground in heavy rain and headed up The Gulch the next morning where the primary pursuit was ironically water. Every adventure needs a purpose. On the way out, Lin and I drove the Burr Trail through the Waterpocket Fold and Nottam Rd (I think) through Capitol Reef with a few stops along the way. And in case anyone was wondering, you can take a Saab on this route!

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kimg said...

Looks very fun, but very wet. Love the tracks in the mud.