Monday, May 4, 2009


View of SLC just before storm

Ancient Lake Bonneville

HIKERS: Amy, Lin
DATE: Sunday, 5/3/09, evening
RT TIME: 1 hour
WEATHER: Squall - rain, winds, pelting hail

AMY'S NOTES: We began at a trailhead located near the entrance to Red Butte Gardens and headed up under a heavily clouded sky. The ground was wet from a weekend of spring rain and a deep rich scent of sage and dirt permeated the air. Within minutes of reaching Emigration Canyon we were getting whipped around by high winds, bellowing thunder, lighting, and hail that must have been leaving small dents in my forehead. It's amazing how much raw power there is in a storm. Pretty exhilarating to be in the middle of it.

The trail follows the eastern shoreline of ancient Lake Bonneville. Lake Bonneville filled the Great Basin which covers much of the western United States. The lake existed in the late pleisteine period when Utah was a much wetter place and glaciers sat nestled in the peaks of the Wasatch Range. The Lake created a series of benches as it slowly receded into the desert over thousands of years. Many of Utah’s cities are built on the lower benches and the Bonneville Shoreline trail follows the upper benches. (

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